Our Holistic Approach

We believe in each patient’s holistic well-being because various aspects of our lives affect our health. Thorough assessments of how these variables interact in our bodies help us build personalized treatments for our patients.


Step 1: Consultancy

The first meeting with your doctor will be an hour-long session. This time will be used for meticulous discussion and assessment of your lifestyle in relation to possible medical issues.

Step 2: Evaluation

Results ranging from a comprehensive blood test to a sophisticated genetic test will give our doctors a foundation of your overall physical health.

Step 3: Analysis

A complete analysis of these tests will aid us in discovering pre-disposed diseases or conditions which can be immediately addressed with a pro-active regimen, using natural ingredients whenever possible.


Because we recognize our clients’ mobile lifestyle, we are making ourselves available where you find yourself.

Book Skype Call Consultations

Send us an email to schedule your appointment. Not that standard rates apply, payable prior to the Consultation. Payments may be made by clicking the following button:

Supplement Delivery

We can have your prescribed supplements delivered through trusted international couriers. Feel free to communicate with us through email.