The solution to a better sleep lies beneath you!

Happy New Year! While most New Year’s resolutions focus on losing weight, quitting smoking or other lifestyle changes, few include better sleeping habits. One of the most impactful things you do on a daily basis to make yourself better this year is something you probably don’t think too much about: your sleep. Sleep can make us happier, improve heart health, boost memory, even reduce the risk of dementia. Did you know that even minor changes in our sleeping habits like your choice of mattress can make a big difference on the quality and quantity of your sleep?


Your Hair=Your Health

Our world today imposes on us, many everyday influences that affect our body’s natural processes. This includes the food we eat, the nutrients that our body absorbs, and all the various environmental influences at home and at work. All these elements are collectively known as epigenetics.


The Secret to Youth is in Your Blood

While there’s no miracle age-eraser, your body holds the key to a leaner body, youthful skin, and better sex, regardless of your age. The human body is a complicated mechanism of interconnected systems. These systems need to operate in harmony to achieve optimal health, so even the slightest imbalance can affect our skin, our energy levels and even our moods. Fortunately, there is a secret to looking and feeling younger: the secret to anti-aging is in your blood.



In Functional Medicine, one of the top nutrient deficiencies most overlooked in conventional medicine is that of magnesium. Sixty percent of your body’s total magnesium is located in your bones, and since your body needs magnesium for close to 300 vital biochemical reactions, it is not something to be lacking in when you are working towards achieving optimal health. Read more...

Why he’s the go-to doctor of many baby boomers in search of longevity

BABY boomers come to Dr. Christopher Rex Gloria when other doctors can’t provide the accurate solutions to their chronic fatigue, lack of focus, slipping memory, insomnia and weak immune system.

Women worry about menopausal syndromes such as hot flashes, mood swings and dry skin, while men confess their concern over their expanding girth and loss of libido.

The Royal Preventive Medical Clinic has helped many patients become more productive at their optimal health in their midlife.

Although Doctor Gloria specializes in longevity and preventive medicine, he adopts the precepts of precision medicine in his practice. This means that every test and prescription is carefully customized to the patient.

Preventive medicine is based on up-to-date scientific and medical technology that discovers and treats disorders before they build up.


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