Your Hair=Your Health

Our world today imposes on us, many everyday influences that affect our body’s natural processes. This includes the food we eat, the nutrients that our body absorbs, and all the various environmental influences at home and at work. All these elements are collectively known as epigenetics.

Personal epigenetic indicators can be highlighted for any individual with only four strands of hair in less than 30 minutes, using the Cell Well-being digital S-drive system which is connected to a secure server in Germany.


There, our powerful super-computer systems map the relevancy of the epigenetic information. Over 800 key wellness indicators are mapped and used to provide you with a comprehensive 90-day “Optimize Nutritional Food Plan.”

Our clinic is able to provide this new inexpensive, dynamic clinical testing device. This Bioscan test can quickly screen and analyze your health status via a few hair sample–just 4 hair strands plucked from the nape of your head. No hair cutting is needed and the test can be done on dyed hair because only the follicle is used in the test. It’s your body, why not let it do the talking? Unlock a deeper level of your cell well-being insight now.