In Functional Medicine, one of the top nutrient deficiencies most overlooked in conventional medicine is that of magnesium. Sixty percent of your body’s total magnesium is located in your bones, and since your body needs magnesium for close to 300 vital biochemical reactions, it is not something to be lacking in when you are working towards achieving optimal health.

Interestingly, magnesium oil might be able to permeate the lymphatic system underneath your skin and enter your circulatory system — bypassing your GI tract altogether. The result would be an increased absorption of magnesium.
Simply spray a little magnesium oil onto your skin after a nice bath, right before bed. No need to massage it into your skin, just let it soak in. If you add a topical magnesium oil spray to your skincare regimen, you’ll be able to get your Mg without needing to digest it. A few pumps should do the trick, and you’ll likely feel your skin tingle. If the sensation is a little too much for you, try adding some water to your Mg oil.
If you are interested in helping to restore the magnesium levels in your bones, muscles, teeth, and soft tissues, try our new Magnesium Oil! Your body will thank you.


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